First Impressions of Pluralsight Assessments

Recently, Pluralsight began allowing their subscribers to take assessments on specific topics. Assessments are a quick way for subscribers to test their knowledge on a select number of topics, ideally, ones that they watched on PluralSight.

What makes these tests unique is that the questions that subscribers are presented with are based on how well they answered the previous question. Answer a question correctly and the next question will be more difficult. Conversely, answer incorrectly, and the next question will be easier. In addition, each question has a countdown timer indicating the amount of time the subscriber has to answer the question.

If I’m not mistaking, this technology comes from PluralSight’s purchase of Smarterer in 2014.

Before an assessment goes live, it remain in beta until at least 50 tests are completed. I’m assuming this is so they can re-calibrate the difficulty rating of each question and perhaps adjust how much time the subscriber is given to answer each question.

After the assessment, based on how the subscriber scored, they are recommended a list of courses from the Pluralsight library they should watch.

Overall Impression

Personally, I really enjoyed taking several assessments on topics I felt strong in and the ability for tests to adapt based on how well a question was answered makes it just challenging enough to be fun. However, I feel that the countdown timer is a bit of a distraction and I feel rushed to answer a question. My approach now is to first look at the time and based on the amount of time I have, either speed read the question and possible answers or take my time and carefully read.

I was able to achieve decent scores in several of the assessments which I wish I could publicly share. This is a feature request I have made to Pluralsight, so hopefully that gets eventually implement. Until then, here are my scores:

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HTML5HTML5 AngularJSAngularJS

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